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Just the cup i was looking for

IĀ“m in the middle of writing a semi-fantastic gags-filled epic myself, so I was SOO happy to find your work here.

Funzies voice acting and especially funny protagonist and villain!

Hope to see very much of your work in the future!

(I know your paladin series from some 3-4 years ago also, so it was a marvellous surprise to see you alive and kicking, and what is more, evolving in the meaning of art, comedy, entertainment and script)

Take care and mega-thumbs up, matey!

(BTW, one question! Is one of the frenchiesĀ“ name Rumal or sth like that? Maybe i missed the spelling, but i base it on the pronounciation i heard! I ask cause in my native tongue rumal means stupid :D)

You have a new fan from Estonia ;)

If you need any help with music, voices, or WHATEVER, then lemme know!

Bye mon!

Jazza responds:

thanks man!

their names are Lamour (tall one) and Ruomal (shortie).

i have an estonian fan!! yay!

thanks man


smashing, man, the way the BFM talks is very classy!

btw, Mart Poom u mentioned in the end is an Estonian goalkeeper :D

O u british crack me up


nice that you tried to use different humour... although most of the jokes were very lame, for 6-10 years old maybe...
Indiana and Jelly ones were top notch anyways

Good job

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i scored 166

one of the best games in newgrounds

a decent game

i made it through... 1st level was too long, although it got more massy in the end, so i liked that. 2nd level was hard and good, but tip for players, who can't make it: the troops come in the same order, so make a killing system.
3rd level was easy, just wank the bush/putin :)
and final level was a bit long also, but wanted full attention all the time. It could have had a better/longer ending video, but...ok, nothings perfect.


good and original, not too easy also, i got 303.8963953 :)

Welcome to Estonia (1:6 chance that you haven't heard anything of that country)

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